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The Plastics Experts .

Wastewater piping systems continue to be one of the most essential components in modern infrastructure . Our understanding of corrosion and flow capacity as well as infiltration and exfiltration has enabled the creation of innovative solutions . To help municipal and industrial customers create more effective and longer lasting wastewater collection systems , AGRU has leaned on its experience as the Plastics Experts to develop concrete protective lining solutions using a variety of materials that include HDPE , PP , PVDF , and ECTFE . These materials can handle a variety of waste streams ranging from standard municipal wastewater to complex and aggressive industrial waste streams .
The AGRU success story has been unfolding for seven decades . Founded in 1948 by Alois Gruber , who set the company on the course for plastic manufacturing , AGRU has become one of the world ’ s most important single-source suppliers for piping systems , semi-finished products , concrete protective liners and lining systems made from engineered plastics . AGRU uses only the finest grade thermoplastic polymers as raw materials . When it comes to application-technical consulting , AGRU is your best partner in the field .
The AGRU quality assurance system is compliant with multiple international standards and AGRU ’ s procedures help ensure that products meet or exceed these international standards , on an ongoing basis . The start-to-finish attention to quality ensures that the products meet and beat the strictest technical specifications , providing safe operation even in challenging conditions .
AGRU occasionally collaborates with third-party fabricators and distributors to create unique solutions . HK Solutions Group , which includes Turner Lining Company , is a custom fabricator and distributor that supplies fabricated products for precast pipe , wet wells , manholes , structures , and cast-in-place construction . Incorporating their experience of working with AGRU products for more than 26 years , HK Solutions have developed Monoform PLUS™ , the ultimate manhole and wet well rehabilitation solution that combines HK Solution ’ s Monoform technology with AGRU-ULTRA GRIP ®.
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