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Water Transmission
Common problems with water infrastructure include exfiltration from leaking pipes or pipe joints and inadequate storage . These problems are associated with the following issues :
• Higher variable operating costs — a leaky system will waste critical water resources and cost more to manage .
• Lower utilization and decreased life of existing facilities — leaks can reduce the service life of treatment and conveyance systems by requiring system expansions that would not otherwise be required .
• Poor drought or emergency preparedness — ineffective potable water and reservoir storage facilities limit access to water throughout shortages or emergencies .
• Poor reliability and low margins of safe and dependable yields — inadequate storage and leaky pipes will lower the overall reliability of the water infrastructure .
Unlike other pipes and fittings made with traditional materials like concrete , HDPE pipes and fittings are weldable to create joints with no leakage . Pipes made with HDPE are lightweight and flexible , facilitating installation methods such as HDD and transport options such as ocean towing . HDPE pipes can reach XXL dimensions of 3,500 mm in outer diameter and 600 m in length .
HDPE pipes ’ durability improves as their size increases , and these pipes have shown high resistance to seismic forces . Seismic resistance is significant for pipes buried deep underground in regions known to experience earthquakes . In one case study of the Kobe 1995 earthquake , while all other pipes in the city ’ s infrastructure showed at least one failure every four miles of pipe , HDPE pipes demonstrated zero failures across the entire system ( 7 ).
AGRULINE 24 – 63 ’’ pipes enable the creation of water transmission systems that last longer , demonstrate lower operating costs , and feature improved reliability .
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