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Wastewater Treatment Systems
The goal of the estimated 14,748 publicly owned treatment works ( POTWs ) or wastewater treatment systems is to protect human and ecological health from waterborne diseases ( 8 ). However , much of the existing wastewater infrastructure , including collection systems , treatment plants , and equipment , has deteriorated and is in need of repair or replacement . The treatment of wastewater typically involves the use of headworks , digesters , and biosolids management , which requires concrete protection for the structures exposed to corrosive media .
The major point of weakness with many concrete protective systems is often high backpressure in structures located below the water table , which can be solved with the use of a concrete protective liner . Many components in these treatment systems can benefit from being made with HDPE pipes and fittings , which solves many issues with corrosion and leaking . Finally , semi-finished products offer a way to fabricate high-quality thermoplastics into a finished , custom product to fit specific applications .
See pages 14 , 15 , and 16 for more information about Ultra Grip , HDPE pipes and fittings , and semi-finished products , respectively .
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