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Soil, Groundwater, and Corrosion Protection with AGRU Lining Systems AGRU Lining Systems are suitable for virtually any application. Chemical-, root-, rodent-, and UV-resistant, these tear-proof and extensible geomembranes are designed to last a long time. Temperature Resistant Up to 212°F (100°C) High-temperature–resistant geomembranes made of HTRPE by AGRU can be used at temperatures of up to 212°F (100°C) because of their special molecular structures. Areas of application include solar thermal systems, hot-water storage tanks, bioreactors, and cooling basins. These temperature resistant geomembranes can be installed and welded using the same technology as that used for conventional geomembranes made of PE. Corrosion Protection Waterproofing ground-contact constructions involve the protection of buildings from moisture/water. For example, the foundation slab can be protected from damp/water rising from the ground by means of a horizontal seal with AGRU geomembranes. This durable material is root- and rodent-resistant, resistant to aggressive groundwater, and suitable for use in the supply of drinking water. The Plastics Experts. 6