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Excellent Product Properties Include Chemical and Mechanical Resistance Lining material attributes are produced to meet the specific requirements of each application. AGRU application engineers are happy to advise you on finding the solution that meets your needs. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) The ongoing development of HDPE molding compounds in the recent years has improved the performance of HDPE geomembranes significantly. AGRU HDPE geomembranes meet sealing technology requirements, providing best-in-class flexibility, good strength, and good elongation behavior. Additionally, the liner offers high chemical resistance and proven long-term durability. This state-of-the-art lining material is able to meet the project requirements of a variety of applications. Linear-Low Density PE (LLDPE) LLDPE has a higher proportion of comonomers than HDPE, which means a higher degree of branching in the main chain. As a result, the crystalline content and the density are lower than those of HDPE. Plastic geomembranes made of LLDPE are more flexible than HDPE membranes and have a higher elongation at break under biaxial stresses. Plastic geomembranes made of LLDPE are used in hydraulic engineering and also for applications that are sensitive to setting, such as the closure of landfill sites. The Plastics Experts. 4