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AGRU customer orientation “HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY MAKES A PIPING SYSTEM RELIABLE – AN ISSUE ON WHICH AGRU IS RIGOROUSLY UNCOM- PROMISING.” AGRU = ALOIS GRUBER SATISFYING REQUIREMENTS WITH PRECISION AGRU has built a reputation for satisfying its customers‘ wishes efficiently, cost-effec- tively and with superlative flexibility. Customer-oriented technical solutions, the ability to think outside the box and decades of hands-on experience are what it takes. THE PLASTICS EXPERTS. 8 AGRU is an acronym derived from the name of Alois Gruber: Alois Gruber and son Alois Gruber jun. are the majority owners and CEO’s of AGRU. Clear deci- sions, integrity and continuity characterise their company. AGRU customers appreci- ate the extraordinary flexibility and short reaction times made possible by this flat hierarchy. Just as they appreciate the re- liability of the products and the depend- ability of every agreement we make. As a real family-owned company, AGRU is very much aware of its responsibility to cus- tomers, employees and the environment.