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The Plastics Experts. APPLICATION-TECHNICAL CONSULTATION Very often, the material used turns out to be definitive in terms of the ultimate prof- itability of an engineering solution. Only if the raw material is perfectly matched to the real-world conditions of use can phys- ical toughness and resistance to chemicals and temperature effects be fully to specifi- cation. Application-specific material selec- tion is one of AGRU‘s core competences. As a professional partner for everything associated with plastics, AGRU can point out the most economical solution for any problem, no matter how big the chal- lenge. PRECISION WELDING – FOR DURABLE JOINS With a global reputation as an innovative plastics expert and reliable business partner, AGRU offers comprehensive know-how plus many years‘ experience in material selection and installation of its products. In particular in welding technology AGRU was and still is a pioneer who sets news benchmarks with ground-breaking innovations. 17