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Top-grade fittings MAXIMUM CUSTOMER BENEFIT AGRU fittings for medium-retaining pipes are hallmarked by uncompromising pre- cision, robustness and durability. In this respect, functionality and cost-effective- ness are two sides of the same coin. As an industry leader, our company produces injection-moulded fittings of enormous design complexity, using the very latest technologies. PIPING SYSTEMS FROM AGRU DELIVER ON EVERYTHING THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES. OPERATIONAL SAFETY In exhaustive cycles that include abrasion tests, rigorous leak tests and bursting-pres- sure tests, our products are tested under conditions vastly harsher than those en- countered in real-world operation. These huge safety margins allow AGRU users to rely one hundred percent on the quality, operational dependability, reliability and durability of our products. THE PLASTICS EXPERTS. 14